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I know that dress is karma, perfume regret
You got me thinking 'bout when you were mine, oh
And now I'm all up on ya, what you expect?
But you're not coming home with me tonight

You just want attention, you don't want my heart
Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new
Yeah, you just want attention, I knew from the start
You're just making sure I'm never gettin' over you

- ATTENTION (Charlie Puth)

Sep. 23rd, 2016

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I've finally figured out what I'm going to write for my first Bingo Card fills. \o/

Hopefully, I can call bingo quickly so as to get a new card directly after! I love the [community profile] allbingo community; there's no stupid deadlines, no unnecessary grandstanding or competition, and I can prompt myself with whatever I like! The people seem nice, too.

Can't wait to call my first bingo! Wish me luck~
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This is mostly here for my own records, but feel free to browse through and if we have anything in common then drop a line! I love making connections with other fans. Here's an example of how to read through my crazy list:

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