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And if I listen I can hear you through the radio
In that bright white noise
What I been missing in my life, what I been dreaming of
You'll be that girl, you'll be that girl, you'll be

Everything you want so let me get up there
I'm the baddest baby in the atmosphere
Tell me what you want so we can do just what you like

- YOU MAKE ME FEEL (Cobra Starship ft. Sabi)

Sep. 24th, 2016

roro66: (nerdy)
I've been wanting to expand my own headcanons for Blood Blockade Battlefront for a while now and the Worldbuilding Fest over at allbingo is the perfect opportunity for me to do so! Hellsalem's Lot is a great world and so vast in its own right that eve Yasuhiro Nightow hasn't touched upon it enough.

I just hope I can do it and its denizens some justice. So excited for this~~
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Title: Fuzzy-Wuzzy and Dangerous
Fandom: Servamp
Prompt: Tickle (Card #1)
Medium: Fic
Size: 1293
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary/Preview: A freak storm leaves Sakuya stranded at Mahiru's place for the night, and when an argument breaks out over who's sleeping on the bed, things take a serious turn for the fluffy.
Notes: Set after the anime.

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