❤ Information

And if I listen I can hear you through the radio
In that bright white noise
What I been missing in my life, what I been dreaming of
You'll be that girl, you'll be that girl, you'll be

Everything you want so let me get up there
I'm the baddest baby in the atmosphere
Tell me what you want so we can do just what you like

- YOU MAKE ME FEEL (Cobra Starship ft. Sabi)
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I've finally figured out what I'm going to write for my first Bingo Card fills. \o/

Hopefully, I can call bingo quickly so as to get a new card directly after! I love the [community profile] allbingo community; there's no stupid deadlines, no unnecessary grandstanding or competition, and I can prompt myself with whatever I like! The people seem nice, too.

Can't wait to call my first bingo! Wish me luck~