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I know that dress is karma, perfume regret
You got me thinking 'bout when you were mine, oh
And now I'm all up on ya, what you expect?
But you're not coming home with me tonight

You just want attention, you don't want my heart
Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new
Yeah, you just want attention, I knew from the start
You're just making sure I'm never gettin' over you

- ATTENTION (Charlie Puth)
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Title: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Fandom: Diabolik Lovers
Prompt: Glitter (Card #2)
Medium: Fic
Size: 1636
Rating: T
Warnings: Cursing.
Summary/Preview: It's their first Christmas together and Kou is determined to do things by the book as far as 'couple stuff' goes. Subaru isn't the jolliest person around this time of year, though, so Kou crams holiday cheer down his throat, starting with a tree and more glittery decorations than Subaru feels comfortable having in his room at one time.
Notes: None.


The moment Subaru hears that sing-song voice calling his name from the front door, he bolts upright in his coffin and starts sweating. His eyes turn slowly towards the door and it bursts open as expected, along with the blonde who invaded his life in a similar fashion almost nine months ago.

"You're still asleep? It's already midnight, so get up!" Kou chirps and shakes the coffin, bouncing around it. "I have a surprise for you downstairs!"

Subaru narrows his eyes to mask his excitement and horror at seeing his boyfriend again. "You're too damn loud and energetic for this time of night..."

Kou just grins and leans in to peck his lips. "I love you too~"

"Fuckingcheekyasssonofabitch --"

"Will you hurry up?" Kou purses his lips and plants his fists on his hips. "I don't want the triplets ruining anything tonight."

Groaning, Subaru drags himself out of his coffin as slowly as he can muster in spite of the jitters racing along his nerves. He unintentionally takes Kou's hand and lets the blonde lead him downstairs. "What the fuck is a tree doing in the middle of the foyer?"

"Ehh?" Turning to flash another pout at Subaru, Kou flicks him in the forehead. "It's Christmas! You know!"

Subaru just stares blankly at the tree. "Um, no. I don't know."

"Ugh. Even in the orphanage we had a Christmas tree..." mutters Kou, rubbing his temples. "Your family really is fucked up if you don't even know what a Christmas tree is."

Suddenly, it comes back to Subaru; he recalls destroying a Church that had something similar near the altar. All lit up and decorated with colorful glass balls, he didn't have the heart to tear it down. The tree was the only thing he left untouched that night.

"Christmas is a religious thing," he says at length, "and I don't do religion."

Kou wags his finger. "It's not that religious anymore, though." Latching onto Subaru's arm, he snuggles closer and grins up at him. "It's a thing that couples and families do, too! It's way more modern now."

"But I..."

"It'll be fun!" Kou adds and digs into Subaru's shoulder with his chin, lips quivering now. "Besides, it's our first Christmas together. Don't you wanna make it special?"

Affection isn't something Subaru is used to yet, even after nine months into his relationship with Kou, so he just blushes and sighs. "Fine, fine. We'll put up and decorate your stupid tree..."

"Good! I bought so many decorations that it'll look like Christmas threw up in your room!"

Subaru's eye twitches as Kou gestures to the mountain of boxes sitting behind the tree, obscured by its size. "W-Wait. This thing's going in my room?" He flinches and turns to stare at Kou again. "Seriously?"

"If we leave it in the living room or any other place then those damn brothers of yours will totally ruin it!" shouts Kou as he makes his way past the tree. "Help me, will ya?"

His enthusiasm is contagious and Subaru can't help heeding to his call (although he tries very, very hard to suppress the spring in his step.) The tree fits easily through the double doors out front, but it's tricky maneuvering it into his bedroom. Subaru is suddenly grateful for those high, imposing ceilings as they set it in the stand.

"H-Hey, what are you -- "

Kou leans in close and captures Subaru's lips in a quick kiss, grinning after he slips away from Subaru after with a wink. "I was just rewarding you! That tree was kinda heavy for a skinny guy like me, but it's nothing for my Subaru! You're so strong~"

"Are we getting those damn ornaments or not?" grumbles Subaru with a light shove against his boyfriend. "The tree would look pretty stupid in here without any decorations." His face is so red that it almost glows in the dark.

"Too cute," murmurs Kou as he watches Subaru bound downstairs. "I knew he'd be way into Christmas."

Kou isn't joking when he tells Subaru next that he almost bought out an entire seasonal department at the local mall; it takes them ten trips combined to bring all of the ornaments and other decorations inside. Unpacking them is no easy task, either. Plastic, boxes, and other garbage fill up to fifteen bags alone.

"We're almost the same height, so stringing the lights shouldn't be a problem!" chirps Kou as he prances around to one side of the tree with a strand of electric lights following him. "Come on! Go to the other side!"

Groaning to mask his excitement, Subaru slogs over to the opposite side of the tree and pulls the lights around the back as Kou holds them out for him. It doesn't take long to cover the height and breadth of the tree with two of them doing it.

"Ready? This is the best part," whispers Kou with a huge grin. "Ta-dah!"

Plugging the lights into an extension cord, Kou brings the tree to life with an array of colors that mesmerizes Subaru instantly. He sees the same tree as the church had that night, all warm and awash in something he's always wanted but never had. Kou squeezes his hand and smiles up at him.

"Let's get the ornaments and other decorations up around your room, kay?"

Subaru nods more emphatically this time, smiling a little himself. He digs through ornaments boxes and finds the prettiest, most sparkly ones he can to put on the front of the tree. Some are glass balls, some are shaped like stars or Santa, but his favorite have to be the snowmen; he won't admit it, but they're the cutest. Kou also puts up a few ornaments, but he lets Subaru do most of the decorating, simply content to watch his boyfriend bounce around excitedly.

"Looks great!" he says after they finish off the last box of ornaments. "Pbbt! You have glitter all over your face and in your hair!"

Subaru purses his lips and paws at his hair for a moment. "For real?"

"Don't! I think it's cute," adds Kou with a peck against his cheek. "You look like a fairy!"

Turning, Subaru studies Kou in the glow of the Christmas lights and snorts, "It's all over you too, Tinkerbell."

"And I look absolutely fabulous in it, I'm sure! Glitter is my color!" sings Kou as he walks over to another box of decorations. "Let's put up the wreath and other decorations, 'kay? No Christmas is complete without a wreath on the door!"

Nothing hides Subaru's enthusiasm as he hangs the wreath over the back of his door and the swag just above it. More bright, colorful lights go around the door frame and the large window overlooking the garden, and Kou even strings some around Subaru's coffin because 'there's no drab allowed!' Subaru is so enthralled that he misses the green sprig and white berries that Kou cellotapes to the ceiling just above them.

"Ne, Subaru..."

Turning with a little hum, Subaru tilts his head to one side. "What?"

"Up there...See it?" Kou lifts his head and points above them. "Do you know what that is?"

Subaru's defensive kicks into high gear and color explodes across his face. "M-Mistletoe?"

Puckering his lips, Kou shuts his eyes and waits. "Kish meh..." he mutters. His heart almost flutters and starts to beat again when Subaru complies, very slowly, and leans down to press an awkward kiss to his lips. He pulls away with an expression somewhere between a pout and gratitude, and Kou has to catch his breath to keep himself from choking. "S-Subaru..."

"What? You wanted one, right?"

Squealing, Kou throws his arms around his boyfriend and hugs him tight. "Okay, you have to come to our Christmas Party!"

"Party? At the Mukami manor?" Subaru glances down at him with a bit of uncertainty. "Ruki lets you guys celebrate Christmas?"

"It's a family thing and we're a family, so yeah! Ruki said it's all right." Kou pulls his face out of Subaru's shoulder and kisses his cheek. "Don't look so terrified! My brothers won't eat you."

Subaru glances around the room. "But what if Reiji found out or -- "

"Who cares what His Majesty thinks? I don't," Kou harrumphs and turns Subaru's face towards him again. "And Shuu doesn't either, apparently; Yuma invited him and he said he'd be there."

"Shuu's going?" Subaru relaxes a little and allows another rare smile to slip past his defenses. "If it means that damn much to you, then fine. I'll go."

Kou cheers and almost knocks him to the floor with another hug. "You'll love it, I swear! My family is a little crazy, you know that, but they're great once you get to know them!"

Subaru's shoulders slump at the mention of family. "Tch. Better than my sorry excuse for a family..."

"Hey, hey..." Kou chides him and pushes his forehead against Subaru's. "Shuu doesn't say much and he's kinda lazy, but he's a good brother; I can tell he cares about you."

"You're just determined to end this night on a positive note, aren't you?" mumbles Subaru, shaking his head and pushing back on Kou's forehead. "Shuu is the only brother that I trust, so yeah; I guess he must be a good brother."

Sighing, Kou kisses Subaru this time, slow and sweet beneath the mistletoe and the glow of the Christmas tree. Subaru reciprocates more than he usually does, too, with little pushes against Kou's mouth and touches against his back. After they pull away, both of them breathless, they both burst into grins.

"Merry Christmas, Subaru."

Subaru turns to look at the tree again and lets his smile blossom fully across his lips before turning back to Kou. "Yeah, Merry Christmas."