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2016-09-23 04:38 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: ❤ Fandom Information & Preferences

This is mostly here for my own records, but feel free to browse through and if we have anything in common then drop a line! I love making connections with other fans. Here's an example of how to read through my crazy list:

Favorite Pairings
Least Favorite Pairings

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2017-08-24 05:16 am
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❤ CottonCandy Bingo Card

Holding Hands Beautiful Pampering Adventure / Quest Games
Sleeping on Someone Cooking Cuddle Hiding the Hickeys Anniversary
Hug Crush / Infatuation WILD CARD Wearing Partner's Clothes Kiss
Meteor Shower / Shooting Stars Massage Protect Beach Pick-Up Line
Naked / Vulnerable Allergies Bakery Dessert / Sweets Candles
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2017-08-23 12:23 pm
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❤ Back in the Game

Missed hosting a fest for AllBingo because of some...let's say 'serious' personal issues and gender dysphoria. I don't feel like I can go back and apologize to the rest of the community without looking like a complete ass, so I'll just quietly leave.

Sorry, AllBingo goers.

Back in the game for now, though. Maybe I'll grab a challenge or two to get the creativity flowing?
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2017-02-06 08:19 am
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❤ New Fandom Acquired!

I just finished Mob Psycho 100 at the suggestion of a friend and...WOW! It was great! I'm thoroughly impressed as both an anime fan and a storyteller in general.

The visuals were striking and original enough to keep it stunning throughout the series and the character development was so well done that I can't anything bu t fall in love with every one of them~ I even have a soft spot for the minor characters like Onigawara~

New fandom to add to the list and great memories to add to my experience as an anime fan! Thanks, Mob Psycho 100! ❤
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2016-11-16 05:14 pm
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❤ So Much Happening!

To say that I'm happy is an understatement right now.

Despite my car breaking down on me when I need it most, I've been stepping out of my socially awkward comfort zone and making little connections with people here and there! I got another wonderful comment and a kudos on my Starmyu fic, I got two kudos on my DiaLovers fic, and I'm set to host a Pagan Fest in May at the wonderful [community profile] allbingo.

I'm also looking forward to Christmas and Yuletide! Thanksgiving...ehh. I love it, but my relationship with my folks still needs a little time to heal after the whole non-binary discussion. But yay for progress! c:

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2016-11-15 03:21 pm

❤ #04 - Orange is a Warm Color

Title: Orange is a Warm Color
Fandom: High School Star Musical
Prompt: Sweater Weather (Card #2)
Medium: Fic
Size: 2096
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary/Preview: Kyoji becomes a hero after rescuing a kitten from the park lake, but he shies away from the limelight and runs headfirst into Itsuki, who's walking a dog for some neighbors of his. Applauding his heroism, Itsuki invites Kyoji back to his place for dry clothes and something warm to drink.
Notes: None.

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2016-11-14 01:46 pm

❤ #03 - Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Title: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Fandom: Diabolik Lovers
Prompt: Glitter (Card #2)
Medium: Fic
Size: 1636
Rating: T
Warnings: Cursing.
Summary/Preview: It's their first Christmas together and Kou is determined to do things by the book as far as 'couple stuff' goes. Subaru isn't the jolliest person around this time of year, though, so Kou crams holiday cheer down his throat, starting with a tree and more glittery decorations than Subaru feels comfortable having in his room at one time.
Notes: None.

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2016-11-14 10:59 am
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❤ Be Still my Heart...

So I took a chance and decided to re-post my silly Lawphase fic has six kudos! And a comment string! \o/

I know this sounds ridiculous to celebrate, but I haven't had much contact with any other fans online so this is a milestone for me! I hope I can make connections with others, too.

Bottom Line: I'm very glad that I decided to stick with my own style of writing and my fandoms. It'll pay off if I work hard enough. c:
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2016-11-10 05:37 pm
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❤ Re-posting and Rebuilding

Just trying to get into the swing of things after another minor setback.

That's okay, though. I'm here to stay this time, fandoms! (I hope.)
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2016-10-16 04:13 pm
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❤ New Fandoms

Added new fandoms to my ever-growing list! So excited for these new additions.

They include: Vocaloid/Utau, Bloodivores, Trickster, Hamatora, Fatal Frame/Zero, and Castlevania.

I can't wait to write fic for these! Check out the list for pairing information and the like. :)
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2016-10-16 11:11 am
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❤ Work, Work, Work

It's been so busy at the office lately! I know I'm just a gopher for everyone else but DAYUM.

You can definitely tell that the holidays are right around the corner because of how stressed and cranky everyone is. :/

Personally, I love Christmas~ It doesn't stress me out and I love being able to see my folks (the one time other than Thanksgiving.) It's hard living out of state from where they are, and it used to depress me, but at least I'll get a little down-time with them.

(Even if mom and dad are still weirded out by the whole 'non-binary' thing. Heheh.)
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2016-10-13 04:41 pm
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❤ Getting Back into the Swing of Things

I love, love, love writing fan fics, but sometimes it's hard to keep yourself going after an extended period of inactivity and lack of contact with other writers/readers. It comes with the territory from what I've seen, though.

Maybe if I reach out to others with similar interests I'll make that connection?

Just have to keep trying, I suppose.
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2016-10-12 08:53 pm
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❤ Winter Season Anime!

 I'm so stoked this season for anime! There are so many awesome series to check out~

Among my faves are Trickster, Bloodivores, Bungou Stray Dogs S2, Yuri!!! On Ice, Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru -, UtaPri Legend Star, and of course, the latest releases of Digimon Tri.

Trickster becase GACKT and Daisuke Ono both star in it, BSD because BSD, Yuri!!! On Ice because realistic sports anime and figure skating YAY, Touken Ranbu because MMM Touken Ranbu, UtaPri because gay boy bands YES, and Digimon purely for Joe worrying like a good boyfriend over Izzy.

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2016-10-12 07:26 pm
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❤ Personal Issues & Lack of Recognition

 Been a little busy with family problems and my own bad habits, so sorry for the inactivity!

Also a little disappointed that my fanfics aren't as recognized as I hoped they would be, but oh well. I'll just have to keep trying. :)


And I may or may not be in love with CryRabbitTwice's tuning and use of Len~ They're a very talented producer and cover artist, so check them out on Youtube and Soundcloud under the same name! :D
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2016-09-29 03:27 pm
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❤ Shipping Rare Pairs

Shipping rare pairs within a fandom can be isolating sometimes. People don't seem as apt to connect with you as they would if you shipped a popular pairing. It's a little sad for my debut into some fandoms, but oh well. What are you going to do, right?

Servamp was nice and friendly, but damn...the BBB/Kekkai Sensen fandom isn't very welcoming. Maybe because it's a bit older than Servamp? From what I can tell, the only stories with any recognition are the Klaus/Leo stories, and the Lawphase side of the fandom (which I ship) seems to like the pairing one way and one way only.

I'm just going to keep writing what I like to write, though. I won't change my HCs for anyone. :)
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2016-09-28 06:08 pm

❤ #02 - I (Definitely Don't) Love You

Title: I (Definitely Don't) Love You
Fandom: Blood Blockade Battlefront
Prompt: First Kiss (Card #1)
Medium: Fic
Size: 1184
Rating: T
Warnings: Cursing, Injury, Violence, and Hospitalization.
Summary/Preview: Steven is seriously wounded by an escaped criminal and subsequently rescued by a man he considers both a rival and a potential partner, Detective Law. The two men have been dancing around each other for years now, and when Daniel lets his guard down while he thinks Steven is asleep, Steven brings their 'dance' to an abrupt end by making the first move.
Notes: None.

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2016-09-28 12:22 am
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❤ So Much to Do

My apologies for not updating much in the last couple of days. School and work have been a bit hectic, but I'm all caught up and ready to write some serious fan fiction!

I have an AO3 account now, too! Feel free to drop a line and whatnot. :)
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2016-09-25 09:59 am
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❤ Coming Out!

So, I came out to some of my friends as demisexual annnnnd...some of them already knew what my sexuality is all about! They just took it at face value and reassured me that I am who I am. Not a thing has changed between us and it's awesome. I feel like I can do just about anything today! Positive energy is rolling off of me like crazy.

Now I just have to tell my family. Haha.

Yeah, not happening any time soon. Maybe when I gather the courage to do so? They're very religious and I haven't been in contact with my parents since the whole 'non-binary blow-up.' We'll see.

Who knows? Maybe they'll come around someday.
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2016-09-24 05:41 pm
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❤ #01 - Fuzzy-Wuzzy and Dangerous

Title: Fuzzy-Wuzzy and Dangerous
Fandom: Servamp
Prompt: Tickle (Card #1)
Medium: Fic
Size: 1293
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary/Preview: A freak storm leaves Sakuya stranded at Mahiru's place for the night, and when an argument breaks out over who's sleeping on the bed, things take a serious turn for the fluffy.
Notes: Set after the anime.

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2016-09-24 01:31 pm
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❤ Worldbuilding with BBB

I've been wanting to expand my own headcanons for Blood Blockade Battlefront for a while now and the Worldbuilding Fest over at allbingo is the perfect opportunity for me to do so! Hellsalem's Lot is a great world and so vast in its own right that eve Yasuhiro Nightow hasn't touched upon it enough.

I just hope I can do it and its denizens some justice. So excited for this~~